Asthma is a disorder that is caused by the inflammation in the airways of lungs. It occurs when the muscles surrounding the air passage way are swollen and hence constricting the air passage way leading to difficult breathing. The common causes are dust, pollen, chemicals, or other agents in the air that are inhaled by the person.

Statistics shows that over 300 million people around the world are suffering from asthma. Out of which 250,000 die annually due to this cause.
Recently a new air cleaning machine has been developed called Protexo. Protexo basically works in a way that it removes the toxic agents surrounding the breathing area of a person. And generates a slightly cooler air around them, it is operated during sleep.
This prevents the person from inhaling irritants and dust particles present in air that triggers the asthma attacks during his sleep time.

People from different countries were observed for almost a year using Protexo during the sleeping time. A major reduction in the nitric oxide, which is an inflammatory agent, was seen among those patients. A better lifestyle was observed.
Despite all this advances the condition among those that are severely suffering is getting worse.
The machine is not yet available for private purchase. And costs around 2000 pounds for six months use.

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  2. Hi, Nice article, there is also an air purifier called Germ Guardian that seems good for Asthma and also pet dander allergy problems.

  3. Ben Zian says:

    I used to be Asthmatic, one thing that could help a lot you're health if you're in the wood work spaces is to have a dust extractor it is very efficient when it comes to capturing fine dust emitted by wood while drilling and stuff.

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