Evolution of Computers:
Computers have become an integral part of life nowadays. People all around the world use computers in some way. Calculators, Tablets, Netbooks, PC, Laptops, PDAs and many other gadgets are some examples in which we interact with computers. The evolution of computers started since the first computer was invented in 1946. The first computer was just like a simple calculator like in nowadays and but it covered an area of a whole large hall. Since then the evolution started and both the speed and miniaturization were made better and better. And it is due to that evolution that we see laptops and Netbooks and the fastest computers in the world, “The Super Computers”.

Super computers are the fastest computers in the world. They are huge in size as well as calculations. Super computers are used for highly intensive calculations like weather forecasting, quantum physics, molecular modeling and many others.

Speeds of Supercomputers:
Super computers are extremely fast in doing these calculations and have a capacity of calculating at very high rates. Speed of super computers is measured in FLOPS (FLoating Point Operations Per Second) with SI-Prefixes like Tera-FLOPS or TFLOPS (Tera is 1012), and Peta-FLOPS or PFLOPS (Peta is 1015). 

Fastest Supercomputer in the World:
China has left America behind in the technology world that has made the fastest Supercomputer of the world. Chinese named this computer Tianhe-1A. This supercomputer has a speed of 2.507 PFLOPS. In other words it can perform 2,507 trillion FLOPS in the blink of an eye. This Chinese computer will take the spot of America’s Cray XT5 aka ‘Jaguar’ which had the speed of 1.759 PFLOPS.
The Tianhe-1A was designed by the National University of Defense Technology and will be constantly used for intense and large scientific calculations.

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