Samsung’s all new 20nm class DDR3 and SSD is not just great news for the processors but also for the planet.  As Samsung is going all green with this new mass production.
This semiconductor chip is more speed and less energy device, not only consumes 38% less energy but is 3.5x faster than other memories in use. It has a really high potential of reducing the waste of energy.

At server level this chip can reduce the power level up to 45W. Even more! The Samsung 20nm DDR3 can reduce the temperatures of the server by almost 21° Celsius. And by this the server fan noise will also be reduced due to low heat generation.

This performance was shown not just for the new processors but also worked the same with the older ones.
The company expects it market level to rise and the chip would be made the part of every technological environment.
The company is also planning to make 4GB memory chips very soon and then moving on to the 8GB, 16GB and so on.

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