Mixer is a non-linear circuit that combines two signals in such a way to produce the sum and difference of the two input frequencies at the output.

C1 = 0.1uF
C2 = 0.1uF
C3 = 0.1uF
R1 = R2 = 10kOhm
R3 = R4 = 100kOhm
R5 = 6.8kOhm

The design and simulation was carried out in ADS software. And the circuit is like this:-

The mixer is implemented by an NPN transistor 2N3904.
The circuit used was basically for audio mixing, it had an input from the triangular wave generator and the noise generator. And it is passsed through the audio mixer to form the wave.
The practical waveform was like dis:-

While the waveform from simulation in ADS was like this:-

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