Finger print recognition algorithm is used extensively in security related areas. For accessing any database, authenticating to any special services in your company or any other form of security service that use to ask about your ID cards or stuff like that previously.
Here we have provided the MATLAB code of the Finger Print Recognition Algorithm.
That takes the finger print as an image. The 'add to database' option lets you enrol your fingerprint into the database for future queries.
The 'match option then lets you match the finger print image with the database its going to have.
A user friendly GUI is also developed for this purpose with easily monitored buttons.
The attached file also have some fingerprint images for the testing purpose.


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  1. how can i download???

  2. MASH says:

    sorry for inconvenience.. now you can download it

  3. karthik says:

    M-files are commented in some lanugaage..can u make it in english..that is easy to understand

  4. yaya says:

    how can i download it . it notifies me as my browser(Google Chrome and Firefox ) can't download it . so how can i get the download it

  5. MASH says:

    its downloading perfectly with Google Chrome. Please try again

  6. Thanks for sharing!

    I have an error while running it. When I want to open an image, it says:
    "Error using isgray (line 8)
    Function ISGRAY has been removed.

    Error in fpr (line 50)
    if (any(namefile~=0) && (isgray(img)))"
    I am new at Matlab, so I would be happy if you help me.

  7. MASH says:

    its working fine with me
    check if your Matlab is properly installed
    or are you copying it out correctly

  8. which fingerprint reader is used? what is the trademark of this fingerprint rader?

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