VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. VOIP is getting popular nowadays in audio communication around the globe. It is providing the people with less rates long distance calls. VOIP is basically digital form of transmission compared to the older telephone system that uses analog transmissions.
The analog systems consume more resources, like even if the signal is not traversing on the channel the channel still remains dedicated to that particular session.

Whereas VOIP, as compared to that, utilize the resources efficiently. The information is sent in the form of packets that take any path that is readily available; also the resources are allocated on demand. These packets are than reassemble at the destination.

This compression of information and utilization of different routes made it possible for the information to be sent is less expensive form. With VOIP you have no set up fee, no per minute charges or you don’t have to wait for specific days or places to call from. You can call from anywhere in the world all you need is an internet connection. VOIP is also particularly famous for the conference call service.

Different types of VoIP calling are available
  • The most common is calling from one computer to another. This service needs an internet connection, microphones and sound card installed in the computer. Also there would be software that provides you the option of VOIP based calls.
  • IP phones are also available if a person is use to the traditional telephone sets. All the routing and forwarding options are available within that phone.
  • Analog telephone adaptors (ATA) enable you to connect a standard telephone to your computer Internet connection in order to take advantage of VoIP options. ATA converts analog signals to digital so that it can be transmitted properly via the Internet.
  • The newest option is the Wi-Fi phone, which uses short-distance Internet transmission of VoIP to replace cell phones calls. Wi-Fi broadcasts over the radio spectrum to cover short range areas for users in certain areas.

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