Advancement in Computer Technologies:
Since the introduction of the first computers the Computer technology has advanced at a very fast pace. Every single day a new innovation, a new concept is being introduced in the computer technology. The pace in the computer technology is so fast that if a person says about a task that it is impossible, a person in another part of the world is already working on it. These advancements have encouraged different companies to come up with their ideas and compete with the pioneers of the computer market.

Tablet PC’s: The latest and the best:
Tablet PC’s are the latest and the best form of computers. Users have found them and liked them a lot. A tablet PC provides in the true sense the portability and ease that the miniaturised computers have promised. Tablet PC’s, since their origin, have been made better and faster. A few companies have come up with some lightening fast and attractive tablet PC’s. These include Apples, Samsung, Amazon, LG and many others. All of them have tried to make the tablet PC’s faster and better. But if you are talking about the best in this field then there is no doubt only one and that is Samsung.

Samsung and Tablet PC’s:
Samsung has been the pioneers in producing Tablet PC’s. Samsung has always tried to give its customers the best. That is why latest processors and sleek stylish designs have been seen in Samsung’s Products. The latest in this field is the Samsung Exynos 5250 Chip. This 2 GHz Cortex A15 Exynos 5250 Chip is the latest and the fastest processor chip that has been yet made for the tabs. This dual core processor provides better speed and enhanced performance in the tablet PC. This design is better adaptive to 3D technology and provides a new maximum resolution of 2506x1600. Samsung says that this processor will be available in the market by the end of 2012.

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