The studies related to love and affection has always been the main attraction for so long, but it is hardly ever given any thought that what happens when relationships break up. What brain activities are involved in such a scenario? Why it is always been so hard to break up?  And does time really heals?

Well now we have some answers to these questions as reported by a scientist name Helen Fisher at New Jersey. Helen has already studied a lot about the love and knows everything regarding this most romantic and beautiful relationships of on the mother earth. But now she thought about studying the other side of picture.

She and her colleagues carried out the experiments on the people who had recent broken relationships but were still in love. All the patient’s brain activities were observed through MRI. It showed that they had the activity in their brain reward system in the same way as the normal lovers do. But the neural pathways were activated due to craving and addiction.

Rejected lovers had an increased response in the controlling emotion areas of brain. As they were considering the fact that what happened. How should they react and what should they do next?

And as the time moves on they showed little and little activity in the attachment linked region of brain. And as we say LOVE HURTS BUT TIME HEALS.


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