Although the brain of a paper wasp is somewhat a millionth in size to that of human brain still they have developed this strange ability of distinguishing faces.
A study has been carried out in Michigan University, in which the biologists reveal that the paper wasps have face-learning ability analogous to the humans.

It’s the very first time that an insect has developed such an intelligent activity. The paper wasps can recognize the individuals of other species by the difference in the face markings. And are more aggressive to those of unfamiliar species.
Some years earlier the biologists had published a paper regarding the long term memory exhibited by these paper wasps. And interestingly their behavior towards other individuals is based on previous interactions.
The biologist carried out the tests by teaching the wasps to distinguish between two separate images. It was seen in the trials that the wasps can pick out the differences between the original pictures more quickly than those that has been edited. Similarly they can figure out the differences between complicated shapes more readily than the geometric shapes.
The face recognizing ability may have been developed due to the reason that these wasps live under colonies in which multiple queens raise the offsprings together.
It appears that they treat the face learning as a different thing from that of other images or objects. Several tests among other species were also carried out but they showed no meaningful result.
The biologist was assisted by a research student and the whole project was funded by the Michigan University and the student was given a full scholarship for this purpose.
This evolutionary behavior shows that certain that specialized cognition may result in to complex behavioral tasks over the time.

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