Ever LISTENED to a text message ???
Well this project will make you do so.
Surprised ???
Don’t be because AUDIO STEGANOGRAPHY is the method in which we can encode our secret messages on an audio signal ensuring their safety. In this way we can decrypt a message on an audio signal without its detection.

Lsb coding:-
The type of coding used in this project is the LSB or the Least Significant Coding.
Least significant bit (LSB) coding is the simplest way to embed information in a digital audio file. By substituting the least significant bit of each sampling point with a binary message, LSB coding allows for a large amount of data to be encoded.

In this project we first read a wav file using the MATLAB wavread command. Then we input a message from the user. This message is then converted into its ASCII coded signal which then bit by bit replaces the LSB of the wav file. In this way we convert our message into audio form and transmit it.
At the receiver end when the signal is received or the audio file is received, we just take out the last bit of the audio signal. This now is our ASCII coded message we just convert it back into our message signal.

The program is also generating a graphical user interface, from which you can easily hide the message and can then extract it later. All the related codes as well as the audio files can be downloaded here.

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  1. how can i download code of this project

  2. MASH says:

    you can download it now

  3. thanx for the code. Is the code working?

  4. why471n says:

    Hey, its just taking the available audio but not processing for other audio wav files. What is the problem ?

    Would really appreciate your response.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Jyoti says:

    Can u please suggest the code for calculating MSE and PSNR of the audio used.

  6. MASH says:

    i will check it for you

  7. Jyoti says:

    can I hav ur email ID

  8. Jyoti says:

    did u get it?

  9. can we use both data and carrier file as audio?


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  12. what software that you use to compile this code ??

  13. Mahi says:

    Hey hie, when I try to run the script i'm getting an error as shown below.
    Error using audioread
    Too many output arguments.
    Can you help me with this

  14. All of you Check This link...If the above code is not working


  15. can u please sugest me the matlab code how to calculate bsd and mbsd?i need it for feature extraction for my final project about steganalysis, thank you in advance

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