For Sony it was almost two years hard work to enter in to the Tablet market.

To launch a new product of already growing tablet market, where it has so many competitors like the obvious iPad, the Samsung galaxy tablets, Motorola and Acer.

The Sony Tablet S has therefore a different design and look. It has a very different look like it has been folded back from a single textured plastic. It is thicker from one end and very thin sleek surface at the other end.
The Tablet also weighs just 600g so it is very easy to carry compared to the iPad 2. The back is also textured so that it is very easy to carry.

There's a dual-core Tegra 2 processor clocked at 1GHz, 1GB of memory, capacitive touchscreen, and an SD expansion slot.

The Company has strived hard to make it as much versatile as it can from its competitors.

There are front and rear cameras, 1080p video capture and playback, PlayStation certification, which enables users to access a range of exclusive titles, and a host of Sony created apps, including a universal remote for controlling other Sony products.

It has a Beautiful screen quality, Excellent software keyboard, Excellent music application.

With access to the Android Market, you can browse through thousands of useful, time-saving and entertaining apps. There's also instant access to Google™ mobile services and applications including 3D maps and easy web search with Google Voice Search. Download what you want and make your tablet truly yours.

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