Evolution of Air Planes:
Airlines and airplanes have a very brief yet very interesting history. Airplanes were first introduced commercially in 1914 and since then airplanes have gone through a very fast revolution. Due to this revolution we have seen some extra ordinary and state of the art airplanes. Airplanes have become the primary source of travel. Users find it easy and time saving to travel by air, so airlines have developed themselves such that they provide the users with best airline services and make the journey of users a memorable one.

Best Airline Services:
Some of the best airline services include Emirates, Thai Air, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines. The competition is very tough in the airline industry and so every airline is trying to produce something unique in their services so that users are attracted towards the airlines and choose the airline every time for their journey.
Environmental Friendly Airline Services: The Alaska Airlines:
In this regard Alaska Airline has introduced a very environmental friendly technique in their airplanes. According to this method the airplanes of Alaska airlines are now flown using bio-fuel. The blend used to fly the airplanes consisted of 80% Petroleum Fuel and 20% Bio Fuel. The Bio Fuel was made up from cooking oil. Yeah Alaska Airlines is running the airplanes using cooking oil.

Cooking oil for Airplanes:
This technique has made the airplanes to release less polluted gas from the exhausts and run as an environmental friendly airline. This technique will damage the environment less and will create an understanding in the other airlines to use such environment friendly techniques in their airlines as well. The bio fuel not only is user friendly but also energy efficient. The use of this technique in all the Alaska airline’s airplanes would decrease the energy consumption equivalent to 28,000 homes or 64,000 cars per annum.

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